30 Sep

The #1 need across our Rockford Diocese is to create more full-time jobs that pay a living wage with good benefits.  Such a source of steady income is so essential to generate the minimum level of income that is required to pay a family's modest living expenses.  

To address this issue, our SVdP Council is participating in a statewide advocacy campaign to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act during the fall session of the Illinois General Assembly.  The proposed Bill will provide funding to establish 20 centers across the state designed to train disadvantaged individuals for jobs in the clean energy (solar and wind) industry, as well as to create minority-owned, energy-related businesses in low-income areas.  An existing fee on coal-fired generators of electricity will fund this project.  For more information, contact:  ilcleanjobs.org and peopleplanetfirst.org

SVdP conferences in northern Illinois also refer our neighbors-in-need to a network of  Illinois WorkNet Centers for employment assistance with offices serving the Rockford Diocese in Woodstock, Batavia, DeKalb, Ottawa, Rock Island and Rockford.  Many of the centers work in tandem with a nearby community college to provide financial aid, computer literacy and ESL classes, career exploration and training, and job search, interviewing and placement resources.  The centers also offer employers free advertising of open positions as well as assistance in identifying and matching qualified applicants.


Article submitted by Bob Brown

VOP Rockford Diocese, Illinois

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